Science Communication

Science isn’t complete until it is communicated, and good communication is a set of skills that must be learned and practiced. Dr. Bohon works to improve communication within the scientific community and provides science communication training and skill building through talks, papers, articles, workshops and one-on-one student mentoring.


Hubenthal, M., Bohon, W. and Taber, J., A pandemic pivot in Earth science outreach and educationEos, 101, 2020.

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On Failure, Wendy Bohon for AAAS If/Then

Informal Writing:

Bohon, W., Bartel, B, Bentley, C., Lights, Camera, Action! Video content production and dissemination during distance learning, The Plainspoken Scientist, AGU, 2021.

Zelikova, J., Edwards, L., Bohon, W., Zaringhalam, M., How Women Scientists are Building Collective Power, Shondaland, 2021.

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Talks/Webinars on Social Media (select): 

  • Trust me, I’m a Scientist!: the science of science communication, University of Florida, 2020.
  •  Social Media for Scientists, THE Ohio State University School of Earth Sciences Faculty and Student Professional Development, 2020.
  • Social Media for Scientists, GSA Workshop talk, 2016-2020.
  • Using Social Media for Science Communication: why, where and how, GSA Pardee Symposium, 2019.
  • Social media strategy and evaluation: how to do it and how to prove it, AGU, 2019.
  • Social Media and Science Communication for Students, The College of William and Mary, 2019.
  • Social Media Strategy for 500 Women Scientists Pod Leaders, 500 Women Scientists webinar presenter, 2019.
  • Science Communication and Social Media, Webinar presenter for Penn State science communication classes, 2018, 2019.
  •  Social Media, Trust and Contentious Communication, IRIS Intern Professional Development Webinar presenter, 2018, 2019.
  • Communicating Science through Social Media, IRIS webinar presenter, 2018, 2019.
  • Communicating Science to a Broad Audience: social media for you and your students, InTeGrate Webinar presenter, 2018. 
  •  Social Media for Scientists and Science Programs, IRIS Webinar presenter, 2017.
  • Social Media for Scientists and Science Organization, IRIS webinar presenter, 2017.
  • Using social media to communicate science, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2017.
  • Social media for science: why where and how, Seismological Society of America Spring Meeting, 2017.
  • Importance of strategy in social media: getting the most out of your post, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2016.
  • Social Media and Science: where do we go from here? American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2013.

Talks/Webinars on Earthquakes and Geoscience Careers (select):

  • Exploring Earthquakes, hands on demo and talk for Varsity Tutors and GoldieBlox, 2021.
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes talk to 4th graders, Skype a Scientist, 2021
  • Earthquakes and Marsquakes talk, 6-8th grade girls, Frontiers of Flight, 2021
  • Earthquakes and Careers in Geoscience Special Interest talk, Nepris, 2021
  • Earthquakes and Geoscience Careers, presentation, Asheville Museum of Science, 2020
  • Earthquakes and Careers in Geoscience, talk to 3 classes, Ohio State University, 2020
  • Earthquakes and Geoscience Careers, talk to incoming freshman, Passaic County Community College, 2020
  • Plate Tectonics and earthquakes talk to 2nd graders, Skype a Scientist, 2020
  • Earthquakes! talk for “Dreamwakers”, 2020
  • Earthquakes! talk with 4th grade class, Skype a Scientist, 2020
  • Plate Tectonics talk to 6th grade class, Nepris, 2020
  • General Earth Science, video and talk, Ecologik Girls Summer Camp (girls ages 9-16), 2020
  • 2 assembly presentations for Jefferson Elementary School, 2020
  • STEM Bootcamp Mentoring Event with the Girl Scouts of Atlanta, 2020
  • Earthquake talks to 8th grade science classes, Skype a Scientist, 2020
  • Earthquake Science and STEM careers talk, WiSTEM, 2020
GSA Pardee talk on Social Media for Scientists, photo by Beth Bartel

Talks/Webinars on Science Communication (select):

  • Trust me, I’m a Scientists! The Science of Science Communication, Heiland Lecture, Colorado School of Mines, 2021
  • Science Communication, SEG Women’s Network invited talk, 2021
  • Science Communications and Earthquakes, colloquium talk, University of Toronto, 2020
  • Science Communications, colloquium talk, University of South Carolina, 2020
  • Science Communication, invited talk, University of Florida, 2020
  • Science Communication, invited webinar, Loma Linda University, 2020
  • Science Communication and Social Media, invited talk, Arizona State, 2020
  • Science Communication, talk at Penn State, 2018-2020
  • Science Communication from the classroom to the chat room, Keynote speaker at the National Association of Geoscience Teacher Eastern Section meeting, 2019.
  • Sharing Science on International Day of Disaster Reduction, AGU Sharing Science, Sept 2019.

Talks/Webinars on Geohazards Communication (select):

  • Geohazards Communication, talk at Drexel University, 2021
  • Geohazards Communication, talk at Michigan Tech, 2021
  • Hazards Communication, talk at University of Northern Iowa, 2020
  • Hazards Communication in the Age of Social Media: now now NOW!, SSA, 2020.
  • Geohazards, Risk Communication, and Geoscience Careers, talk to environmental science class, University of Northern Iowa, 2020
  • Earthquake Hazard and Risk, Cybercafe Scientifique, 2020
Inclusion in science talk to the Optical Society (OSA)

Talks/Webinars on DEI in Science (select):

  • DEI in Social Media, talk to USGS Comms team, 2021
  • Social Justice in Science, talk at William and Mary, 2021
  • This is what a scientist looks like: transforming science to be more open, inclusive and accessible, Women in Science Invited speaker for Women’s History Month, Lincoln Memorial U, 2021
  • JEDI in Geoscience, colloquium talk at Western Michigan U, 2021
  • Science Communication for Social Justice, National Association of Geoscience Teachers webinar, 2020
  • Women in Science, talk, University of Toronto, 2020
  • Geoscience and my career, Carnegie Science Center Women in STEM Series, talk, 2020
  • This is what a scientist looks like: transforming science to be more open, inclusive and accessible, Optical Society of America Student Leadership Conference, Sept 2019.
  • Using Social Media to Improve Inclusion and Amplify Marginalized Voices, 500 Women Scientists webinar presenter, 2019.
Social media for scientists workshop at the IRIS/UNAVCO meeting, photo by Beth Bartel

Conference Presentations (select):

Virtual earthquake and careers talk at Ohio State University, photo by Michael Durand.

Virtual Workshops:

  • Active Listening Workshop, William and Mary, 2021
  • Scientific Storytelling Workshop, Western Michigan University, 2021
  • Earthquake! What, why, and why? (talk and hands on activities), all 2-5 graders, Mt. Vernon Elementary School, 2020.
  • Social Media for Scientists (workshop), THE Ohio State University, 2020.
  • Networking, Scientific Meetings and Social Media (workshop), UNAVCO interns, 2020.
  • Understanding Earthquakes (hands on activities for summer camp), Ecologik, 2020.
  • Everything You Want to Know About Earthquakes (talk and hands on activities), Passaic Community College STEM Enrichment Summer Program, 2020.
  • Science Communication in Education (workshop), Earth Educators Rendezvous, 2020.
  • Science Communication for Social Justice (talk), NAGT, 2020.
  • Social Media for Scientists (workshop), GSA, 2020.
Science Communication workshop at AGU with Beth Bartel

In Person Workshops:


  • STEAM Dreamers: Mothers in STEAM, Reinvented Magazine, 2021.
  • Social Media, from the chat room to the classroom, NAGT, 2021.
  • An Honest Conversation About Failure, AGU, 2020.
  • STEM for Social Good, United Nations Foundation, 2020.
  • Caregiving and Science During COVID, IRIS/UNAVCO, 2020.
  • Virtual STEM Expo, Girls Scouts, 2020.
  • Early Career Panel, GSA, 2020.
  • 1 Million Women in STEM, 2020.
  • Fighting for Science, AGU, 2017.

Wendy has also narrated more than 30 videos and animations on earthquakes, plate tectonics, and other geologic and geophysical processes.

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