Science Communication


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In Prep:

Bohon, W., Social media strategy for science programs, in prep.

Bohon, W., Social media for scientists: Why, where and how, in prep.

Bartel, B., Bohon, W., Trust me, I’m a scientist, in prep.

Informal Writing:

Bohon, W., A Series of Fortunate Events, The Xylom, 2019.

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Invited Talks: 

  • The Importance of Social Media Strategy, Invited Speaker, Geological Society of America Pardee, 2019.
  • This is what a scientist looks like: transforming science to be more open, inclusive and accessible, Optical Society of America, Student Leadership Conference, 2019.
  • Dr. Mommy: striving for science and motherhood, The Story Collider, Washington, DC, 2019.
  • Science communication from the classroom to the chat room, Keynote speaker at the National Association of Geoscience Teachers Eastern Section meeting, 2019.
  • Social Media and Science Communication for Students, invited talk at The College of William and Mary, 2019.
  • Learning to listen: Active listening for science students, invited talk at The College of William and Mary, 2019.
  • Rocks from Space!, Nerd Nite, Washington DC, 2018.
  • Using social media to communicate science, Invited speaker, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2017.
  • Social media for science: Why, where and how, Invited speaker, Seismological Society of America Spring Meeting, 2017.
  • Importance of strategy in social media: Getting the most out of your post, Invited speaker, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2016.
  • Social media and science: Where do we go from here?, Invited speaker, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2013.


  • Social Media for Scientists, AGU, Dec, 2019.
  • Scientific Storytelling, AGU, Dec, 2019.
  • Social Media for Hazards Scientists SIG – SAGE/GAGE, Oct 2019.
  • Networking Workshop for Early Career Scientists – SAGE/GAGE, Oct 2019.
  • Geohazards Communication for Geoscience Students and Early Career Journalists – Oct 2019.
  • Social Media for Scientists Workshop, GSA, Sept, 2019.
  • Networking Workshop, GSA, Sept, 2019.
  • Tell me a story: Storytelling in Science Communication, workshop co-lead, the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2018.
  • Ready to Engage, networking workshop co-lead, the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2018.
  • Social Media for Scientists, Science Communication Workshop Co-lead, the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2018.
  • The Joy of Networking, Early Career Scientists Workshop Co-lead, the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2018.
  • Communicating Science to the General Public, Teacher Education Workshop Co-lead, Earth Educators’ Rendezvous, 2018.
  • Connecting with Different Audiences: From the Podium to the Pub(lic), Science Communication Workshop Co-lead, IRIS Workshop, 2018.
  • Science Communication – Network Skills for Early Career Scientists, Networking Workshop Co-Lead, IRIS Workshop, 2018.
  • Communicating Science for Impact, Science Communication Workshop Co-lead, UNAVCO Science Workshop, 2018.
  • Social Media for Scientists, Professional Development Workshop Co-lead, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, 2017.
  • Talking to the Media, Science Communication Workshop Co-lead, 500 Women Scientists meeting, Boulder, CO, 2017.
  • Navigating and Maximizing a Digital, Social World, Science Communication Workshop Co-lead, Southern California Earthquake Center Annual Meeting, 2016.

Webinar Presentations:



  • Mission Unstoppable, CBS, segment guest, 2019.
  • NBC News, California earthquakes, subject matter expert, 2019. 
  • 2M Media Group, Interview 360, subject matter expert interview, 2019.
  • NBC News, Kenya crack subject matter expert, 2018. – 
  • Cox Phoenix, The STEM Journals, segment guest, 2013. 




2M Media Group interview on earthquakes and earthquake science
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