Collecting samples from the Karakoram Range, Ladakh, NW India, Photo by Nathanial Borrneman

Wendy’s research uses geochronology, thermochronology, paleoseismology, geomorphology, remote sensing and geologic mapping to understand the spatial and temporal evolution of fault systems.

Publications (select):

Seagren, E., Schoenbohm, L., Owen, L., Figueiredo, P., Hammer, S., Rimando, J., Wang, Y., Bohon, W., Lithology, topography, and spatial variability of vegetation moderate fluvial erosion in the south-central Andes, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 551, 2020.

Bohon, W., Hodges, K.V., Tripathy-Lang, A., Edwards, C., Arrowsmith, JR., Structural relationship between the Karakoram and Longmu Co fault systems, southwestern Tibetan Plateau, as revealed by ASTER remote sensing, Geosphere, v. 14, issue 4, 2018. 

Robinson, S., Bohon, W., Kleber, E., Arrowsmith, JR., Crosby, C., Applications of LiDAR Topography to Earth Science Education, Geosphere, v. 13, issue 3, 2017. Doi:10.1130/GEO01236.1.

Borneman, N., Hodges, K., van Soest, M., Bohon, W., Wartho, J.A., Cronk, S., Ahmand, T., Age and structure of the Shyok suture in the Ladakh region of northwest India: Implications forslip on the Karakoram fault system, Tectonics, v. 34, 10, p.2011-2033, 2015. Doi: 10.1002/2015TC003933.

Mapping the Karakoram fault in the Ladakh Himalayas, photo by Alka Tripathy-Lang

Schoenbohm, L., Costa, C., Brooks, B., Bohon, W., Gardini, C., Cisneros, H., Fault interaction along the Central Andean front: The Las Penas thrust, Cerro Salinas thrust and the Montecito Anticline, AGU Fall Meeting, 2013.

Bohon, W., Hodges, K., Arrowsmith, JR., New Thermochronology data reveals disturbed cooling histories near the intersection of the Karakoram and Longmu Co Faults, NW India, AGU Fall Meeting 2012.

Bohon, W., Arrowsmith, JR., Hodges, K., Temporal and spatial variation in slip along the central Karakoram Fault System, Ladakh Himalayas, AGU Fall Meeting, 2010.

Bohon, W.M., Hodges, K.V., Arrowsmith, JR., Tripathy, A.K., A New Quaternary Strand of the Karakoram Fault System, Ladakh Himalayasin Leech, M.L., and others, eds., Proceedings for the 25th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop: U.S. Geological Survey, Open-File Report 2010-1099, 2010.

Bohon, W., Arrowsmith, JR., and Hodges, K., Temporal and Spatial Variation in Slip Along the Southern Strand of the Karakoram Fault System, Ladakh Himalayas, 2010 SCEC Annual Meeting. 

Bohon, W., Schoenbohm, L., Brooks, B., Costa, C., Accelerating Uplift Rate and Non-uniform Inheritance: Cosmogenic Be10 Depth Profiles from the Montecito Anticline, Mendoza, Argentina,AGU Fall Meeting, 2008.

Science Talks:

Paleoseismic trench at Wallace Creek, San Andreas Fault, Photo by Sinan Akçiz

Lidar in Geoscience and Geoscience Education, Colloquium talk, New Mexico State University, 2021.

Using ASTER Remote Sensing to Make Maps from Space, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, 2020.

LIDAR Applications in Geoscience Research and Education, Colloquium talk, Villa Nova, 2020.

Earthquake Hazards and Risk, Webinar, Cafe Scientifique, 2020.

Rocks from Space!, Nerd Nite, Washington DC, 2018.

Video from AAAS If/Then

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