Filming “Mission Unstoppable”. Photo by Dani Washington.

Dr. Bohon has been featured on television and news shows, radio broadcasts, podcasts and in news articles, and she has narrated over 30 videos and animations. She also creates her own written and digital content. Wendy trains scientists on how to give media interviews and works with cohorts of scientists and the media to create productive working relationships by fostering understanding of the overlapping goals and objectives of each group.


  • NOVA/PBS, “Coming soon!”, spring/summer 2021
  • ABC Channel 7 WJLA, subject matter expert, 2020.
  • Mission Unstoppable, CBS, segment guest, 2019.
  • CBS News, California earthquakes, subject matter expert, 2019. 
  • 2M Media Group, Interview 360, subject matter expert interview, 2019.
  • NBC News, Kenya crack subject matter expert, 2018. – 
  • Cox Phoenix, The STEM Journals, segment guest, 2013. 


Filming for “The Weather Channel”


Taping AGU Storycorp Podcast with Lucy Jones


  • Coffee with a Scientist, Volcanolab Twitch Channel, 2021.
  • Featured on Mission Unstoppable Twitch Channel, 2020.


2M Media Group interview on earthquakes and earthquake science

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