Meet Wendy

Wendy Bohon is a geologist who studies earthquakes and works to improve the communication of hazard and risk before, during and after rapid onset geologic hazards.

She has worked on many tectonics related projects in her career, including the B4 LiDAR project in Southern California, climate and tectonics studies in Northwestern Argentina, GPS deployment projects in Bolivia, thrust fault studies in Argentina and the tectonic evolution of the southwestern margin of the Tibetan Plateau in India. Her research interests include geomorphology, paleoseismology, landscape evolution, geologic hazards communication and geoscience education. She is currently the geologist and Senior Science Communication Specialist for the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology. 

Wendy is a AAAS If/Then Ambassador, has served on the Executive Leadership Board of 500 Women Scientists, and is the author of the blog “Twinning at Motherhood“. She is also the founder of the social media managing and consulting company SpaceFace Social Media. She lives in MD with her husband, daughter, twin boys and a menagerie of animals.


Active fault systems, landscape evolution, thermochronology / geochronology, paleoseismology


Geohazards communication, communication skill building, rapid onset geologic hazards communication response, equity in comms


Print, broadcast and internet media subject matter expert

SpaceFace Social Media

SpaceFace Social Media is a social media managing and consulting firm founded by Wendy Bohon in 2011 that specializes in working with science based organizations to start or improve their social media presence and efficacy.